2017-2018 Debutante Cotillion and Scholarship Program

The Debutante Cotillion and Scholarship Ball is arguably the premier event for high school junior and senior girls in the Metro Atlanta area. The Scholarship Ball is the culmination of an array of social, cultural, educational and service-related activities. This program was designed to holistically enhance the lives of participating young women in 11th and 12th grades. The debutantes participate in six to eight months of educational workshops, service projects and bonding activities that positively reinforce critical self-esteem principles that will last a lifetime.

The program provides opportunities for the debutantes to earn scholarships for higher education. In 2018, debutantes were awarded more than $180,000 in scholarship money.

We are excited to include a Sub-Debutante Cotillion Program for high school freshman and sophomore girls.  The Sub-Debutante program consists of community service projects, cultural activities, educational workshops and monthly meetings that culminate into an elegant Debutante Cotillion Ball.

For more information please email uaocotillion@upsilonalphaomega.com

Thank you to all that participated in the 2018 UAO Debutante Program. More information will be distributed in 2019 for the 2020 Debutante Cotillion Season.


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